‘You helped me pinpoint the fears that were barriers to me moving forward, and withheld judgement to enable me to come up with my own solutions.’ Small business owner, Florida U.S.A.

The over all impact of the coaching sessions has been greater self-awareness. 

I put myself as having 40% confidence. Now I’d say 80%, maybe more.

I like to be organised enough that I can enjoy being in the moment, recognising that this job has endless things ‘to do’. I work better with a few simple priorities which can help me keep focus on what’s going to make a difference.

Coaching has helped me understand that emotions are not pre-wired; they are guesses in the moment. They do need to be dealt with, not buried however, and sometimes I’ve been too task-orientated.  We can change how we communicate with people and break out of old moulds

                                                                               Headteacher, London 

For some time I had been aware that, due to increasing workloads and client demands, I had been working in my business without the time to work on any strategic planning. The first benefit I received from my coaching sessions with Eleanor was the time away from the office which gave me the headspace to be strategic. Meeting in a neutral, non-business setting allowed me to relax and think more clearly.

Eleanor then helped me explore the issue around finding time to be strategic. Her coaching style had a needed calming effect which helped me to focus on what I needed to do. We discussed some potential solutions and Eleanor helped me break them down into smaller, more easily achievable goals which I could try to implement.

This gave me more confidence and a clearer vision of what I needed to do. For example, putting documentation and processes in place seemed like a daunting task but we discussed this, and Eleanor helped me see how by making a start on the easier processes, the more difficult ones would seem less daunting. Meeting Eleanor for follow up sessions also gave me some accountability which I did not previously have.

Before receiving coaching from Eleanor, I was dubious about the value of coaching, but it has helped me massively. Eleanor has been fantastic for me and my business has benefitted as a result. Her style is warm, calming and logical, and it is clear that not only does she have experience to back it up but that she genuinely wants to help. I would not hesitate to recommend Eleanor to anyone who is considering engaging a coach.  MD and Business Owner, Norfolk

The coaching helped sort a multitude of overwhelming issues in my life and gave me focus and positive encouragement. This enabled me to prioritise the areas that were going to deliver the greatest benefit for me.

A major impact was the realization that thought has a huge role in all aspects of life and Eleanor helped me reach the clarity showing me that my negative thoughts were not necessarily factual. Further coaching in this area deepened my insight into my own thoughts and feelings and my perception of the thoughts and feelings of those around me.

I felt completely in tune with Eleanor during our sessions and loved the additional support Eleanor shared through suggested resources, all of which I found really useful.  Eleanor’s approach is reassuring, comforting and caring. The coaching experience was enlightening and inspiring and the benefits, following our sessions, were tangible.  Senior Manager and Parent

‘Our conversations provided a turning point for me.’ Career switcher.

‘You are a natural, I think you’ve found your niche.’ Senior Leader, Medical, London

‘Your style is warm, considered and insightful.’ Senior Leader, Education.

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