Great coaching in business is about improving connection to drive performance. 

Good connection helps us reduce conflict, increase our power to influence, and reduce stress.  I work with small teams to look at culture, business planning and strategy using a coaching style.  I also run workshops to support specific interventions around change, time management, goal setting, and work life balance.

One to one coaching with professionals helps to improve clarity, reduce stress and increase confidence in decision making.  I have specific experience in working with women returners, marketing teams, entrepreneurs, small business start ups and female leaders.  I also work with charities and faith organisations, for whom I offer a discount.  Please see my organisational coaching pricing page for further details.

‘Eleanor has been fantastic for me and my business has benefitted as a result. Her style is warm, calming and logical, and it is clear that not only does she have experience to back it up but that she genuinely wants to help. I would not hesitate to recommend Eleanor to anyone who is considering engaging a coach.’ MD and Business Owner

For more information contact:

Eleanor Morrison BA (Hons) MDip




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