Personal coaching

Coaching helps people get out of careers or life situations which are making them miserable. Whether it’s being stuck in a rubbish job or living with anxiety, personal coaching helps you come unstuck and move forward.

Clients usually come to coaching with an area of dissatisfaction or with a specific goal in mind.  Afterwards they can feel emotionally lighter, have more clarity and a renewed sense of purpose or confidence.

Life coaching is available for individuals of all ages, faiths and professions.  I coach the whole person, which means listening to understand your situation and working to your priorities.

I have specific experience working with clients;

  • who feel stuck in their current situation and can’t see a way forward
  • looking to change career, or who are unhappy in their jobs
  • who are juggling parental responsibilities with work
  • who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

‘A major impact was the realization that thought has a huge role in all aspects of life and Eleanor helped me reach clarity.’ Senior Manager and Parent, Norfolk

For details on personal coaching packages and pricing, see my personal coaching pricing page.

For more information contact

Eleanor Morrison BA (Hons) MDip. MAC


Instagram: @bigmindcoaching



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