About big mind coaching

‘A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points.’ Alan Kay

big mind coaching ltd is owned and run by Eleanor Morrison.  I work as a coach with leaders, teams, adults and young people.

Why choose me as your coach? I bring a balance of warmth and professionalism.  I am qualified, but most importantly, you will see long term results.


For most of my career I have worked in a corporate and educational environment, so I understand the need to switch roles and manage different relationships.

Accreditations and memberships


I work as a coach because coaching changed my life.  Working with people is meaningful to me, and I enjoy seeing how the insights and shifts in thinking can improve someone’s perception, success and quality of life.

Look at my testimonials page for examples of recent feedback from clients.

What is ‘big mind’ coaching?

The name ‘big mind’ comes from the Buddhist philosophy, ‘big mind, little mind’.  Big mind being a bigger energy behind life, and little mind the human ego or self image.  The name appealed to me because it clearly articulates the two systems we perceive operating within us, which can often be a source of stress and conflict.

Understand where your experience is coming from, and you have enormous power to improve it.

For more information or for a free 30 minute coaching conversation contact:

Eleanor Morrison BA (Hons) MDip

email: bigmindcoaching@gmail.com

Instagram: @bigmindcoaching



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